Developer Overview of the Blazing Bull Slot Machine For better or worse,

Kalamba Games frequently employs quirky elements in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Blazing Bull stands out as an outlier in this sense; nonetheless, it still deviates from the norm by encouraging its players to communicate with the spirit world. At least, that’s what the game blurb claims. However, Blazing Bull has both its literal and figurative feet planted firmly on the ground. There is no new age nonsense, and unlike many Kalamba games, it lacks the superfluous “Hyper” elements that might be distracting. Not that it’s lacking in features; rather, Kalamba has made it easy and made a straightforward slot machine for those who like things simple.

Blazing Bull is undoubtedly a fantastic looking game. The first word that comes to me is “vibrant.” Wild mountains fall out into rivers in the hazy backdrop, which also features a beautiful valley where the grid has been put. The 6-reel, 4-row arrangement is framed by creeping ivy, and a subtle percussive score finishes off the atmosphere. The symbols are clear and vibrant, and the overall effect is one of the best from Kalamba’s workshop. The cartoonish craziness that usually accompanies their releases has been swapped out for a more realistic look, and Blazing Bull is better for it.

But it’s not entirely plausible either. The high-paying icons appear to be floating in space, their eyes glowing, and the bull is on fire. After the bear, the eagle, the cougar, and the wolf, a payout of 5x the wager is possible for a full house of the bull. Two of a kind of these high-paying symbols is already a winner. However, the low pays consist of 9-A iron royals that not only light up when they hit, but also require at least three cards to play. There are 4,096 possibilities to win if winning symbols appear in consecutive rows from left to right. The dream catcher acts as the wild and can replace any other symbol except for the scatter.

The minimum bet is 60 percent and the maximum is $/€120 each spin, so it’s not exactly low-roller friendly. However, a redeeming quality of Kalamba’s slot machines is that they frequently award a high RTP. In the same vein, Blazing Bull has a very generous return to player percentage of 97.42%. Volatility, which erupts covertly at a perfect 10 out of 10, is another impressive metric, as is the hit frequency, which clocks in at 28.6%. The team’s sole weakness is its untapped potential, which we will discuss in a moment. The specs for now.

Blazing Bull Slot Machine Functions

There are two meters located directly above the reels: the Gold Bonus meter is on the left, and the Silver Bonus meter is on the right. Each time a Silver or Gold Bonus symbol appears, that meter fills up, and the bonus game begins with extra free spins. Bonus rounds are activated when three or more of the same coin kind appear. The Gold Bonus Game comes with at least 9 free spins and up to 30 max. The Silver Bonus Game guarantees at least 7 and no more than 20 free spins.

Wilds are improved to x2 multipliers in the Silver free spins bonus game, and x3 multipliers in the Gold spins bonus game. A new bonus symbol has been added, giving players an edge in both bonus games. This icon offers the following payouts to players:

Two bonus symbols provide +2 free spins.

If you get three bonus symbols, you’ll get a 2x multiplier and 5 free games.

If you get four bonus symbols, you’ll receive an 8-free spin bonus and a 5x multiplier.

Five bonus symbols awards a 6x win +10 free spins.

A total of six bonus symbols triggers a 50x payout and 15 extra spins.

After the bonus round is over, the free spin counter resets to zero.

Conclusion for the Raging Bull Slot

Blazing Bull is a perfect example of how little can be more. In previous games from this studio, we found ourselves wading through a plethora of complex features that occasionally got in the way of simply relaxing and enjoying ourselves. All of those material was ultimately eliminated from Blazing Bull. Kalamba Games has pared down to the essentials, removing unnecessary features like Hyperbet and Hyperspins, which results in a vastly superior gaming experience. Even if technological magic has its place, the North American Wilderness is a location where nothing should stand in the way of a man (or woman) getting their job done.

There’s a lot to appreciate in Blazing Bull. The graphics are excellent, with a softly moving backdrop and symbols that actually burn as they spin. Everything is incredibly well lit and draws you in without any effort. The gaming mechanics are also solid. It’s not a bad choice if you’re looking for a simple slot with a fairly standard bonus game. Other excellent qualities include the higher than normal RTP and decent hit rate which alone are worth giving the slot a chance.

Those anticipating bad news will likely be disappointed by the game’s potential. Coming in at 2,667 times your total stake, the max win is by far the most disappointing metric with Blazing Bull. It’s a bit of a conundrum; after all, nobody moans about winning 2,000 times over, but it distracts from the game’s otherwise positive aspects.

Even if you discount the potential, this is still a top-tier slot machine option among Kalamba’s offerings. The high RTP is icing on the cake, and everything else about the bundle is top-notch as well.






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